June 5, 2022

When Men Should Consider Hormone Therapy

In both women and men, aging tends to bring about hormonal changes. These changes can include loss of muscle mass, low levels of testosterone, and even weight gain. Some men with incredibly low levels of testosterone could benefit from hormone therapy. So, we’ve put together a small guide to help if you are in two minds about hormone therapy. 

What Is Testosterone?

It’s completely natural for men’s testosterone levels to lower as they get older. But, the first question is: what is testosterone? Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males and is needed for your sexual development, building muscle, maintaining bone density, and healthy amounts of red blood cells.

Human Growth Hormone Therapy

Although this type of therapy is used to treat serious medical conditions, it can also be very helpful for increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat in men. It could help you increase your capacity for exercise (which will, in turn, improve your workouts), help rebuild muscle mass, and increase metabolism. This is because HGH is an important hormone that helps your body with cell growth, cell regeneration, and cell reproduction.

hormone therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy 

The Benefits Of This Type Of Hormone Therapy Include:

• Increased libido 
• Reduced fatigue 
• Increased energy levels 
• Increased facial and body hair
• Muscle growth 
• Encouraging the production of red blood cells 

Types Of Hormone Therapy For Men

If You’re Considering Testosterone Therapy, There Are Several Options Available For You: 

• Intramuscular testosterone injections: These injections are given every two to three weeks. 
• Testosterone patches: You apply these every day to your arms, back, or abdomen. 
• Topical testosterone gel: This is applied each day to your arms, shoulders, or abdomen.

The administration of testosterone hormone therapy depends significantly on the treatment option you have selected. From taking daily forms to monthly doses, you could use patches, pills, injections, or even creams. 

When Is It Time To Consider Hormone Therapy?

If you’re a man who has lower levels of testosterone in his body, and, due to that, experiences other symptoms like extreme fatigue, it may be time to consider hormone therapy. Before beginning hormone therapy, an experienced healthcare provider will run a series of tests to find out the cause of your lower testosterone levels. It could be that simple lifestyle changes like diet and exercise could improve your symptoms. On the other hand, it could be that hormone therapy is a better alternative for improving quality of life.

Have A Chat With Your Doctor 

Hormone therapy can be very helpful for men with severely low testosterone levels, but it doesn’t come without risks. Therefore, we suggest you book an appointment and have a talk with your doctor if you’re considering hormone therapy. Not only will they help you decide what steps may be best for you, but they will also carry out tests to find out the cause of your decreased hormone levels. 

To discuss your hormone therapy options, feel free to get in touch with our friendly and expert team at Mi Bella today.