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Suffering from hot flashes, low libido, insomnia, mood changes, or weight gain?


Dr. Mia is no stranger to these problems and has struggled with all of the above herself.  As a result, she has uncovered the best strategies to live your best life and has helped hundreds of patients going through the same journey.

Ready to begin your own path to total wellness?
Join Dr. Mia and Joseph as they discuss innovative strategies to maintain a healthy weight, maintain balance and experience everlasting intimacy!!!


Dr. Mia Cowan

Dr. Mia Cowan is the founder and director of the MiBella Wellness Center. An award-winning author, highly experienced doctor, and a specialist in gynecology, hormone pellet therapy, wellness, weight management, and intimacy. Dr. Cowan provides our patients with her considerable expertise across a range of different treatments, plans, and services.

Since its founding in 2010, MiBella Wellness Center has been known for the excellence we deliver to our patients. As such, we have collected multiple awards and accolades over the years, further driving us to provide a higher standard of service to every patient that comes to us.

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