Til Death Do Us Part

by Mia Cowan, MD. & Joseph W. Brown Jr.

Joseph and I decided to write this book because we wholeheartedly believe in the sanctity of marriage, and all that God intended marriage to be. It is the most important relationship established by God and is meant to be a covenant that lasts forever. Because we understand how difficult living up to this covenant can be, we wanted to illustrate simple steps to take to make this relationship less complicated, to live happily ever after.

Once the honeymoon is over marriage becomes a relationship that requires attention, prayer, faith, hard work, the word of God, and the Holy Spirit. It is our most complicated relationship, yet it can be one of the most fulfilling relationships we will ever experience. Over time love in our marriages has to become more intentional. There are definitely some principles that can make the art of marriage enjoyable and simplistic, however, healthy marriage requires a lot of individual growth work. It is necessary to become self-aware to truly uplift your partner.

There are several key components to a healthy marriage. After reading this book our hope is that you understand the importance of the covenant marriage in our society, as well as how to maintain a happy, strong marriage through hard work, dedication, effective communication, everlasting intimacy, and total wellness.

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til death do us part

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