It's Small Business Saturday!

So, let me tell you a little about my small business... Since its founding in 2010, MiBella Wellness Center has been known for the excellence we deliver to our patients.

At MiBella Wellness Center we pride ourselves on creating a work environment that fosters a positive growth mindset for all our stakeholders.  This means preserving the common goal which is to provide compassionate patient experiences and an optimal work-life balance for our team while building a healthy work environment

At MiBella we are proud to provide exemplary patient care to all our patients.  Our mission is to provide compassionate customer service.  We welcome and embrace everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation (LGBTQ), and socioeconomic status.  We proudly serve all our patients with respect and exceptional patient care.

At MiBella Wellness Center we understand the importance of teamwork.  It is through personal development, professional growth, team accountability, and collaboration that allow us to reach our team vision and goals.

At MiBella we pride ourselves in working with integrity with all our stakeholders. That includes our patients, our vendors, our partners, and the MiBella team.

In Celebrating MiBella Wellness, I want to offer you 25% off one of our Flagship Services!


For the Ageless Belles

25% off O-Shot - Just $1315!

The O-shot helps increase orgasms and sexual satisfaction helps to tighten the vagina, and helps prevent urine leakage!


For the Ageless Beaux

25% off P-Shot - Just $1125!

Increases sensitivity and blood flow the penis, significantly improving sexual satisfaction!