Weight Management

Weight Management by MiBella is a sensible yet innovative approach to maintaining a healthy weight just for you. Expect a custom plan and full accountability that will help you achieve optimal success long term. Introducing Stay Lean Weight Management Plans by MiBella. GET REAL RESULTS WITH DR. MIA’S GUIDANCE. Your personalized weight loss program, created just for you, goes far beyond commercial programs, diets and fads. Physician-directed weight loss the MiBella way, includes:

  • The expertise and guidance of Dr. Mia.
  • Pharmacological supplements.
  • Personalized based on your health profile.
  • Body composition and metabolism analysis.
  • Results published in medical journals.

Stay Lean Weight Management is a physician-directed healthy weight loss and management program led by a TRAINED specialist. These plans have been working for over eight years and have shown long term success to change overall behavior. Each plan is set based on the common needs of most patients, but there are additional elements that can be customized to fit the individual needs of each patient.

  • Behavior modification strategies to keep you on track.
  • Real accountability for long term success.
  • Health coaching to live a life of total wellness.

Some Client Testimonials

Verified MiBella Wellness Center Patients
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