December 14, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About Vaginal Rejuvenation

If you’re considering vaginal rejuvenation to enhance your health and improve upon your sex life, you may have a few questions about what is involved. As we age, many parts of our body change and the vagina is no exception to that rule. Utilizing effective treatments can be ideal for restoring many areas of your body, both inside and out. 

Whether you’re keen to know more about what vaginal rejuvenation is or you’re planning on having treatment yourself, here are some of the most commonly asked questions to get you started:

What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is an effective, targeted procedure that works to tighten the inside and outside of the vagina. Many women opt for this painless treatment to improve the appearance of their vagina, enhance sexual pleasure and boost self-esteem. In most cases, vaginal rejuvenation is carried out through the use of a laser, which passes through the walls of the vagina to stimulate the formation of collagen and vitalize the vaginal tissue.


Who Can Have Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Any woman that has struggled with vaginal atrophy or looseness may be a good fit for vaginal rejuvenation treatment. If you’ve had children, you’ve undergone cancer treatments, or you have had a hysterectomy, the change in hormones and estrogen can lead to unwanted effects. Older women are also good candidates for rejuvenation after they have experienced a decline in their estrogen levels. In addition, vaginal rejuvenation is a popular solution for sexual dissatisfaction, dryness, and looseness.

Will The Treatment Hurt?

No – it’s an entirely painless procedure. We know that the idea of using lasers sounds worrying to some of our clients, but in reality, these lasers will not cut or harm you in the way you may think. Typically, you’ll feel slight discomfort and pressure during your procedure, with no lasting effects or pain.

How Often Will I Need Treatment?

We typically carry out our treatments over two 15-minute sessions within a four-week period. Once you’ve completed your initial round of vaginal rejuvenation, you can then schedule in with us yearly for a maintenance review and treatment session.

How Long Does It Take?

As little as five minutes are needed to complete the actual treatment part of your vaginal rejuvenation. Our sessions typically last around 15 minutes in most cases. We will also conduct an initial consultation with you to check whether our treatment is the best option for you or if other hormone-focused treatments may be best suited.

What Is Recovery Like?

As a painless treatment, there’s no recovery time necessary for vaginal rejuvenation. That means you can get on with day-to-day life immediately. You may be asked to refrain from swimming or bathing in a tub for 48 hours, as well as taking part in sexual intercourse. Beyond that, there may be light cramping and spotting, but no more extreme reaction than that.

Get in touch with our team at Mi Bella today to discuss the options we have for you. Our specialists would be happy to find the right solution for your needs.