Renewed Intimacy Solutions

For Women


At MiBella Wellness Center, we strive to provide total wellness solutions for both women and men.

Our Renewed Intimacy procedures and devices provide the perfect solution to an improved and healthier intimate experience.

A consultation is required prior to scheduling a procedure to determine the best solution(s) for you! The cost of the consultation is $199* and can be applied toward select procedures.

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Intensity & Apex Devices

At home device that provides treatment for stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence along with toning the pelvic floor muscles to add pleasure during intercourse. Besides eliminating the symptoms of stress incontinence, there are other benefits to a healthy pelvic floor:

✓  Bladder Control: No more leaking at the gym

✓  Improved intimacy for you and your partner

✓ Keeps your pelvic floor organs in place

✓ Faster recovery from childbirth

Bladder Leakage Treatment

The Attain Device is an at-home device that provides treatment for stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence along with toning the pelvic floor muscles to add pleasure during intercourse. Attain is the ONLY device FDA cleared to offer this complete solution in one simple and easy to use the at-home device. Overactive Bladder, Stress incontinence, Mixed incontinence, or Bowel incontinence. Attain’s unique and patented approach delivers dual stimulation that addresses ALL of the muscles involved in causing incontinence additionally resulting in added pleasure doing intercourse.


10-minute, non-surgical treatment that uses sound wave technology to increase blood flow to the pelvic floor and vaginal area. This will stimulate increased lubrication, libido and orgasm. We recommend that this procedure is coupled with the O-Shot; however, it can be done individually as often as once a week.


45-minute, non-surgical treatment involves injecting the clitoris, labia, and G-spot with platelets from your own blood. These platelets contain healing proteins called growth factors that can help with urge and stress urinary incontinence as well as boost your sex drive and offer relief from vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. The O-Shot can also give you a tighter vaginal opening for more pleasurable intercourse, more intense and more frequent orgasms, and improved skin texture of the vulva. It is coupled with the O-wave. And can be done every 6 months to 1 year.


We are proud to offer HER Intimate Care™, a collection of Ob-Gyn formulated products that are completely clean and pH-balanced. These premium products are safe for your delicate intimate tissue but luxurious to use from head to toe.

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Wellness Through ED17

MiBella offers a service through Method: ED17. This process helps to regenerate sexual function and restore intimacy for both men and women through a number of benefits. For women, this treatment increases lubrication, orgasms, and sensitivity. If Method: ED17 sounds like a solution you’re interested in, contact our MiBella team today.

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Dr. Mia and her staff provide the best care and service. I am blessed to have her as a physician. I feel better than I have in months. I am actually relocating next month but will travel back to my visits. It is so worth it! Thank you, Dr. Mia and the MiBella Wellness Center.

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I love the staff and the environment! They always make time for me when I make an appointment at the last minute. Brittany usually does my annuals, and I am very comfortable talking to her about anything! This is the best GYN I’ve ever had. They also offer other services for men and women too. Don’t hesitate to book that appointment now.

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This was by far the best doctor's visit I’ve ever had anywhere. Everyone was so kind and patient; for once, I felt treated like a human being and not just a number!! Ashley Craig was so lovely and helpful; I could not be happier! 12/10 highly recommend

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