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We offer hormone pellet therapy for women and men with hormonal imbalances. Each patient’s symptoms are as unique as each patient’s path to optimization. Some symptom relief in 2-4 weeks. Total hormone optimization in 6 months.

Bio-identical hormone pellets look like the estrogen and testosterone that we naturally produce in our bodies. 

Hormone pellet therapy at MiBella allows us to offer sterile, high-quality natural pellets that balance hormones for both men and women.

Natural hormone pellets improve sexual desire and function, muscle mass, memory, and energy, as well as decrease hot flashes and night sweats. 

Hormone pellets help improve your health and quality of life. 

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an amazingly personal approach…

Dr. Cowan took an amazingly personable approach with me as she addressed my concerns. She was very thorough in her assessment and made sure I understood all pertinent information in terms I could understand. I feel like a new woman with her help given to me in balancing my hormones and maintaining a healthy weight! Dr. Cowan and her staff exceeded my expectations and I would recommend her to any and all seeking to feel their best both physically and emotionally! ‐ Verified, Anonymous

Step 1 - Your Symptoms

As we age, hormone production changes, and hormonal imbalance can occur as a result. Unbalanced hormones can have a variety of side effects and symptoms.

✓  Fatigue

✓  Irritability

✓  Mind Fog

✓  Difficulty Concentrating

✓  Decreased Sex Drive and Orgasm

✓  Sexual Dysfunction

✓  Weight Gain

✓  Anxiety, Irritability and/or Depression

✓  Joint Pain

✓  Increased Belly Fat

✓  Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Step 2 - Hormone Balance

Hormone Pellet Therapy is an effective treatment. Beyond relieving many common symptoms, Hormone Therapy also:

✓  Improved sense of well-being

✓  Increased mental & physical energy

✓  Decreased levels of depression or anxiety

✓  Improved sleep quality

✓  Improved sex drive & sexual performance

✓  Increased muscle tone

✓  Decreased body fat

✓  Lower blood pressure & cholesterol


Step 3 - Start With Dr. Mia

Each patient’s symptoms are as unique as each patient’s path to optimization.

✓  Some symptom relief in 2-4 weeks

✓  Total hormone optimization in 6 months

Your journey will be specialized to fit your specific needs. Just as it doesn’t take you 1-2 weeks to get out of balance, your path to optimization will take time as well. Whether you’re an existing patient or searching for the answers to your symptoms, the best way to start your journey back to optimized hormone balance and health is to schedule an appointment to discuss your options with Dr. Mia.

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My mission is to provide a beautiful approach to health and wellness, from both traditional and holistic perspectives. Our hormone replacement therapy services can help restore and balance your hormones, creating a significant difference in energy levels and quality of life.

As a woman just like you, my goal is to teach you to live well and age beautifully through prevention, healthy living, and hormonal balance.

I want you to LIVE your BEST HEALTHY LIFE just like me.

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If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them.

Fatimah Jones

Dr. Mia and her staff provide the best care and service. I am blessed to have her as a physician. I feel better than I have in months. I am actually relocating next month but will travel back to my visits. It is so worth it! Thank you, Dr. Mia and the MiBella Wellness Center.

Danita Pearl

I love the staff and the environment! They always make time for me when I make an appointment at the last minute. Brittany usually does my annuals, and I am very comfortable talking to her about anything! This is the best GYN I’ve ever had. They also offer other services for men and women too. Don’t hesitate to book that appointment now.

Shaunquelisia Davidson

This was by far the best doctor's visit I’ve ever had anywhere. Everyone was so kind and patient; for once, I felt treated like a human being and not just a number!! Ashley Craig was so lovely and helpful; I could not be happier! 12/10 highly recommend

Kat Owens