December 17, 2018

7 Healthy Eating Tips for Holiday Parties

Healthy Eating Tips for Holiday Parties: From the office Christmas party to your best friend’s ugly Christmas sweater party to the family holiday gatherings, chances are you’re pretty busy this time of year. But having a packed social calendar doesn’t have to mean packing on pounds, too. Here are 7 tips for eating healthy at holiday parties this month.

Don’t arrive with an empty stomach.

If you show up starving, you’re more likely to binge at the buffet. Instead, enjoy a light, healthy snack at home before going to the party.

Choose wisely.

The party fare will most likely include fruits and veggies and perhaps even salad. Fill your plate with those options first.

Think small.

If a smaller plate is available use that to help control your portion sizes.

Stay hydrated.

Before having an alcoholic beverage, drink water first. And try to stick to a two-drink limit.

Healthy Eating Tips for Holiday Parties

Keep it straight, no chaser.

If you are going to drink alcohol at a party, opt for liquor without sugary chasers. Pick red over white or light beer if you like wine.

Treat yourself.

You don’t have to deprive yourself of the sweet treats and desserts at the party. Just eat smaller portions.

Enjoy yourself.

Don’t get caught up in counting calories on these special occasions. Instead, just make healthy choices and enjoy your favorite foods in moderation. Remember, it’s the holidays. Take time to enjoy your family and friends!

Happy holidays!

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