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December 1, 2022

Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt for the Holidays

The average American puts on eight pounds of holiday weight annually. Men and women stress about maintaining healthy eating habits all year long only to quote on quote “let themselves go” during the holidays.

This mindset around food is counterintuitive to staying healthy during the holidays. A lifestyle centered around healthy eating will not fall off the rails from one too many slices of pie at Thanksgiving.

Below are seven tips to make eating healthy during the holidays easy- and enjoyable. Learn more below.

1. Avoid Restrictions

Some people actually go into the holiday season with the intention to be healthy. They create a set of “rules” around their diet- no sweets, no fried food, etc. and they end up feeling miserable. It is one thing to have intolerances or allergies to food and restrict those.

It is another thing to deprive yourself of those delicious once-a-year treats. Doing so backfires and often results in binge eating and feelings of guilt.

2. Everything in Moderation

In avoiding restrictions, the best holiday eating tip is to enjoy everything on the dinner table, but in moderation. If there are veggies, load up on those. Then add small bites of the heartier foods like mac and cheese or potatoes.

There is no such thing as “bad” or “good” food as long as it is fresh and homemade-not overly processed.

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3. Keep Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits Daily

Some people think because they had leftover pie for breakfast their whole day is ruined. It might as well become a “cheat” day. By the end of the day, they’ve consumed 5,000 calories and feel sick and lonely.

Don’t beat yourself up when you make a small deviation from your usual diet. The sooner you get back on course with healthy eating habits, and say add in a brisk walk, or follow pie with salad for lunch, the easier it will be to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

4. Focus On Eating Healthy Year Round

Studies show that the healthier lifestyle you live the more you’ll crave healthy foods and exercise. If you upkeep these habits year-round, your body will naturally, and surprisingly to you, crave the lighter fare at the table. Try to avoid the “cheat” day mentality altogether.

5. Don’t Follow Up With a New Year’s Cleanse Resolution

23% of New Year’s resolutions target weight loss. January 1st is no different than December 31st. Starting your year off with an extreme diet is setting yourself up for a year of yoyo dieting. 

6. Create Healthier Versions of Your Holiday Favorites

If you can’t get enough of the yam casserole every holiday season, yet it makes you feel nauseous or bloated, create a healthier version. Instead of loading up yams with sugar, try a nice spice blend and use fewer marshmallows. 

7. Be Mindful of Social Eating

We tend to eat more when in social settings. This can lead to overeating.

Pay attention to your appetite and avoid eating when you are doing it only because you’re at a party, not because you’re actually hungry. Instead, swap your excess food for a hydrating beverage.

Find the Balance This Holiday Season

Healthy eating habits during the holidays are all about balance. Maintain your healthy habits of movement, nutrient intake, and hydration. But also don’t do any extreme diets or set any limitations on your indulgence.

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