April 25, 2022

Facts About STDs Everyone Should Know

Facts About STDs Everyone Should Know: Sex is often fun and enjoyable for both men and women. However, it does come with some risk, especially if you engage in unprotected sex with multiple partners. There are more than 25 different STDs that are spread through some form of sexual contact. Because of this, it’s important to know a bit about them to keep you and your sexual partners as safe as possible. Here are a few facts that everyone should know about health and STDs.

Many people show no symptoms

Despite popular belief, many people tend not to show any symptoms after contracting an STD. In fact, some people go years without ever knowing they were infected. Common symptoms are usually prevalent in the genitals of both men and women. This may include burning during urination, warts, unusual odor, lesions, rash, or more. Because many people tend not to show any noticeable symptoms of infection, it’s important to get tested regularly if you’re sexually active.

Facts About STDs

The US has the highest infection rate

Nearly 20 million new infections occur each year in the US. Of these, more than half are people between the ages of 15 and 24 years old. This is a startling rate of infection, especially when so many resources are available to prevent it. Because of this alone, it’s important to practice safe sex, especially if you choose to have multiple sex partners.

Condoms aren’t 100% effective

Many people believe that condoms are 100% effective at preventing the spread of STDs. However, when it comes to herpes, any contact with anyone that has a herpes sore can cause the virus to spread. This includes buttocks, thighs, mouth, and more. Condoms only cover the penis, they don’t cover other areas of the body where an outbreak may be evident and dangerous.

Any sexual activity may spread it

Many people believe that only penetrative sex could cause an STD. This is unfortunately untrue, as any sexual activity, even mutual masturbation, may spread STDs. It’s not just herpes either, sexual activity outside of penetrative sex could cause chlamydia, syphilis, and HPV. It’s also important to note that HPV can cause cancer, such as cervical, anal, penile, and throat cancer.

STD cases among older adults are rising

In the past years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of STD cases among older individuals. It’s suspected that as people age, they may be leaving relationships or becoming widowed, causing them to seek new sexual partners. It’s extremely important for older individuals to also visit a service that offers STD expertise to help prevent infection.

STDs are scary, and we see more and more new cases every year. It’s important to keep safe and visit your health professional regularly. Practicing safe sex and getting testing frequently is a great start at keeping yourself and others around you safe. If you feel like you may have been exposed, or even if you’d like tips on how to stay safe, be sure to visit a service with experience in this field.

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