25 Secrets to Live Well,  Age Beautifully

25 Secrets to Live Well, Age Beautifully is my gift to YOU — my Ageless Belles!

My name is Dr. Mia and I am a board-certified gynecologist and YOUR B3 specialist. I have created MiaCowanMD.com to help women who are struggling with weight gain, fatigue, and low sex drive improve their B3: beauty, balance, and belief through education and cutting-edge medicine.

25 Secrets to Everlasting Intimacy

25 Secrets to Everlasting Intimacy is our gift to you —Ageless Belles and Beaux!

Dr. Mia and Joseph share 25 secrets to “live well, age well and experience everlasting intimacy!


MiBella Men's Guide to Total Wellness

Joseph Brown Jr., MiBella's Men's Life, Health, and Intimacy Coach, reveals 20 Secrets to Achieve Total Wellness in this e-book. You'll learn everything from:

  1. How to Scale Back
  2. Cleaning Up Your Diet
  3. Essential Keys to Overall Wellness
  4. Ways to Function Better Sexually
  5. And MUCH MORE!!

How to Get Your Sexy Back

FACT: 40% of women suffer from LOW LIBIDO at some point in their life. Increase your sex drive by following our helpful guide.

Get Your Sexy Back
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How to Deepen Intimacy in Your Relationship

Intimacy is the glue that keeps relationships together after the initial spark fades. Intimacy is a closeness that builds over time in a relationship. It is that safe space where you can be vulnerable and open.
Maintaining and growing intimacy takes work, intention and time. It will certainly benefit you to make it a priority.
Use this book and the topics it presents to deepen the intimacy of your relationship.

How to Deepen Your Intimacy Worksheet

Answer these questions to think about intimacy in your relationship and how you could grow closer with your partner.

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1293737_MiBella - Add Branding -The-Art-of-Loving-Communication-Worksheet-1_021022-01

The Art of Loving Communication Worksheet

Answer these questions to learn more about adding loving communication to your relationship.

MiBella Food Journal Worksheet

Take note of your weekly eating habits with our useful food worksheet.


Ageless Belles Weekly Fitness Tracker

See where your regular exercise is succeeding or lacking by using the weekly tracker.

Recommended Supplements

Ageless Balance by Dr. Mia Cowan features supplements for improving sexual health, supporting weight loss, stabilizing your mood, boosting your immune system and more. Our supplements are for healthier hair, skin, and nails, too. You may be skeptical of most dietary supplements and we’re right there with you. The harsh chemicals found in synthetic supplements can often do more harm than good. That’s why we’ve partnered with Professional NutritionalsⓇ to create Ageless Balance. This company has been providing high-grade, non-GMO, pure supplements for over 20 years. To be clear, dietary and nutritional supplements can’t cure or prevent disease.

However, taking care of your overall health – which may include using certain supplements – is always a good idea. But not all supplements are created equally. Our Ageless Balance Supplements go through extensive testing by a team of naturopathic doctors with a combined 48 years of experience. We make sure our supplements are pure, potent, and effective. Like every product and service we offer at MiBella, Ageless Balance was developed to help you “Live Well. Age Well. Experience Everlasting Intimacy.”


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