August 18, 2021

5 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Ways To Boost Your Immune System: Your immune system can be affected by multiple factors, including environmental exposures, physiology, genetics, biochemistry, medical conditions, and more.

Looking for ways to incorporate immune strength into your everyday routine can be tough, especially when no one day is the same as the next.

We’ve put together a list of five simple ways to boost your immune system to prevent severe infections and illness.

1. Nutritional Intake

Even if you eat clean and think you follow a top-notch dietary regimen that will keep you at the top of your game, you might still miss out on key nutrients that can help boost your immune system and prevent severe illness and infection.

Food and nutrition are a top priority when maintaining your health and well-being. Being consistent in your nutritional intake can reduce inflammation, reduce stress, increase antioxidant levels, contribute to the level of probiotics in your gut, and more, leaving your immune system in a strong place to combat symptoms before they get severe.

2. Stress

Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed, your body reacts differently than it would on a normal day?

Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Stress makes your body and immune system more susceptible to illness. Your blood pressure, heart rate, and level of self-care all affect how your body holds up under pressure. Try implementing some stress-management habits into your daily routine. Relaxation, breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation are great methods of stress management and relief that can help boost your health.

3. Sleep

As a working adult, it’s hard to maintain a regular sleep schedule. Work, family, social functions, and more can take a toll on your body.

When you lose sleep, your body wears down. Sleep assists the body in “resetting” itself with regular maintenance. And if you are sick, your body craves sleep to recover.

Make sure you are getting at least seven hours of sleep each night to keep your immune system at its strongest, even if it means saying no to that early morning golf outing.

4. Staying Active

Leading an active lifestyle can be a great way to strengthen and boost your body and your immune system.

Your immune system is based on how strong your white blood cell count is (among other factors). When you include exercise in your daily routine, you boost your immune system and it thrives, with an increased white cell count, decreased stress, and increased circulation.

5. Hydration

The lymphatic system, paired with your immune system, thrives on hydration. Lymph, the fluid in your circulatory system, carries infection-fighting cells. If you’re dehydrated, how are those cells supposed to support your immune system?

It is recommended that you drink at least eight full cups of water a day. But if you’re really into keeping your immune system at its best, try investing in a water jug and challenge yourself to finish it daily.

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