October 9, 2020

3 Ways Men Can Enhance Sexual Function NOW

Aging, health conditions, and side effects from medication can all lower a man’s libido and put a damper on overall sexual function.

But, men, you and your partner have options. And you may not need to plan for intimacy or pop a little blue pill!

Male Hormone Pellet Therapy

As men age, testosterone levels lower. This not only can cause a lower libido, but body changes and mood swings, too. Testosterone pellet therapy – a type of male hormone replacement therapy — may be the answer.

With male hormone pellet therapy, the testosterone pellets are implanted into the body through a simple, outpatient procedure that requires no recovery time. You will receive a consistent hormone dose over time for up to four months. You and your partner could start seeing results in as little as week, including more energy, a stabilized mood, and an enhanced libido.

Along with improving sexual function, testosterone pellets may also decrease dementia, joint pain, and belly fat.

The P-Shot

The P-Shot is a non-surgical procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma, or PRP for male enhancement. The P-Shot can increase blood flow and may even repair responses in some tissue or cells, leading to results that you and your partner can enjoy, such as greater stamina during sex, better erections and more libido.

The P-Shot can be particularly helpful for men who have decreased penile sensation or function due to health conditions such as enlarged prostates, prostate cancer, or diabetes.

The P-Wave

The P-Wave is a type of extra-corporeal shock wave therapy that can help men enhance sexual function and overall health by improving blood flow.

Though originally developed to treat erectile dysfunction, any man looking to lift his libido may be able to take advantage of this drug-free, surgery-free procedure.

The P-Wave uses sound waves to help increase blood flow and more to help with sexual function and can be combined with the P-Shot for the optimal outcome.

At MiBella Wellness we offer all of these services and more to help you and your partner live your best lives in the bedroom and beyond.