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Professional weight loss in Birmigham, Alabama is just a phone call away! Come to MiBella Wellness Center and enjoy a holistic approach to better health and weight loss. We serve in a variety of functions because every one of our patients is different. We are not a plastic surgery clinic, and we are not an […]



“To provide superior and compassionate gynecology services to adolescents and women of all ages with emphasis on prevention and lifelong wellness.” Dr. Cowan offers a traditional, as well as holistic approach to women’s health with special interest in minimally invasive surgery. Gynecology Services: Annual exams, screening pap smears, treatment of abnormal pap smears, treatment of […]



SmartLipo is a laser-assisted lipolysis procedure performed in the office for body contouring. The procedure melts and destroys fat cells, which are then easily removed. The laser energy increases collagen, which tightens and improves the quality of skin. It can be used on the neck, chin, arms, abdomen, love handles, saddlebags, and inner [...] MiBella […]

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MiBella now has 3 locations.  Inverness, Fultondale, Chilton County  Read More

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Weight Loss Birmingham AL – What’s the Best Time to Exercise?

Today, many people are taking up different types of exercises for different reasons. Some want to shed a little weight while others are looking to live a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of the reason for taking up these exercises, many of them are struggling with establishing the right time to exercise. The right time to exercise is determined by a number of factors. Some of these factors can be genetic while others are based on your goals and the environment. Generally, it has been found... 

hormone replacement therapy birmingham al

Hormone Replacement Therapy Birmingham AL- Good Hormone Health

A Quick Look at the Importance of Good Hormone Health In today’s world we’re often inundated with information regarding the significance of good physical and mental health. However, the importance of hormone health is rarely discussed. Do you know why good hormone health is essential for the body? Let’s look at the benefits associated with hormone health, particularly in regards to how it promotes a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Hormone Replacement Therapy Birmingham AL  Hormonal... 

Weight Loss Birmingham AL- Maintaining Your Weight All Year Long

Maintaining a healthy weight year-round is not always easy.  Beginning around Halloween, grocery store shelves are stocked with tons of candy, a trend that carries through until right after Easter.  It’s not unusual for many people to wake up one April morning amazed at how much weight they’ve gained.From that point, the weight loss challenge is on and summer is here. Now everyone is dying to lose weight to get ready for beach vacations.  Does this sound familiar to you?Have you... 

Weight Loss

When dieting and exercise fail to deliver sufficient weight loss, Birmingham men and women come to MiBella Wellness Center. Our goal is to provide results that last! Come in today for an informational session.

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